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HydroFoil Slalom


 In 2022 the HydroFoil Slalom had the lowest volume of all 91cm wide performance foil designs. Nevertheless, it quickly became evident that the speedy development in performance foiling with smaller sails and smaller foils also called for smaller boards. Compared to fin slalom sailing, foiling became more than just competitive: Already in the first year of PWA competitions in high winds, foil boards predominantly led the rankings.

Naturally, the board comes with JP’s super stable Foil-Tuttlebox to handle all loads.

The HF-SLs feature a centre foot pad with an arch support which offers additional grip and guides foot placement during gybing and take off.

These new boards are super efficient and really fast. They remain in control in a wider wind range and the whole line covers a vast range, so that every rider can find the right size/s and performance needed for their intended conditions.

The super-fast foil machines: Performance, power and control for slalom competition. The stage is set to improve your foil speed!


  1. Full-on foil slalom competition design
  2. Super-fast, yet very controllable. Great for gybing.
  3. More efficient and faster successors of the board that held (and most likely still holds) the Nautical Mile Speed Foil World Record
  4. Recess at the mast track for efficient air flow and control
  5. Centre foot pad offers additional grip and guided foot placing during gybing and take-off
  6. 6.Super long Cut-Outs for less drag and more control