Harness the Wind, Command the Tide

Discover the Thrill of Watersports with Constant Wind!

Basic Wing Foiling Course

At Constant Wind Seasports Centre, you will learn the basics of Wing Foiling under the watchful eye of a qualified & experienced instructor.

This course is only the beginning, we encourage you to practice regularly and join our beginners’ clinics. The club also offers intermediate clinics where you can continue to improve your skills, learn more advanced techniques and the exciting art of racing.

Programme Objectives: 

To get started and have a better understanding of wing foiling and be able to experience the thrill of the sport

In this course, you will:
-Be introduced to wing foiling concepts, equipment handling/care, and key safety
-Get on the water, learn how to move and maneuver
-Ideally, achieve your first (and sustained) flights


Lesson 1: Theory

  • Introduction to Wing Foiling
  • Safety – sailing area, environment conditions, emergency situation and self rescue technique.
  • For non-sailors – sailing concepts and how it works, points of sail.
  • Intro to and parts of equipment (wing, foil and board).
  • How to rig and de-rig, set up and tuning for different riders and conditions.
  • On land simulation and wind handling.

Lesson 2: On Water

  • Recap on theory
  • Water confidence test (optional)
  • Launching – carrying of equipment and self rescue
  • Getting onto the board, moving and steering (on knees)
  • Standing and balancing on board, getting going and slowing down
  • How to do U-turn
  • Recovery method

Lesson 3: On Water

  • *At least 12 knots wind required
  • Balancing on board and moving in straight line, slight steering with wing – going upwind and downwind, gybe (non-flying).
  • Practicing first flights and controlling.

Lesson 4: On Water

  • *At least 10-11 knots wind required
  • Sustaining and controlling flights on water
  • Pointing and bearing away while foiling
  • Debrief


For 1 pax sign up: 4 sessions x 2 hours each session = $250/per session (inclusive of GST)

For 2 pax sign up: 4 sessions x 2 hours each session = $200/per session /per pax (inclusive of GST)

*Minimum age : 13 years and above


  • Swimwear or wet suit
  • Water booties
  • A clean set of clothing to change into


  • Foil Board
  • Wing
  • Life jackets
  • Rescue boat