Adventurous Beginnings.

Try Stand Up Paddle at Constant Wind and embark on an adventurous journey that starts with a single stroke.

Master the Calm

Find your balance on tranquil waters with Stand Up Paddle at Constant Wind. Let the rhythm of the waves guide you towards strength and serenity.

Glide with Grace

Glide effortlessly across the water, connecting with nature in its purest form. Join us for Stand Up Paddle at Constant Wind and experience the beauty of movement and grace.

Conquer the Elements

Face the wind and conquer the waves as you embark on a thrilling Stand Up Paddle experience at Constant Wind. Unleash your inner adventurer and let the elements become your playground.


SUP is the fastest growing sea sports in the whole world and Constant Wind was very quick in capitalising on this. Because of its fast growing nature we conduct instructor courses twice a year. We are a certified SUP school accredited by the Academy Surfing Instructors ( ASI ) located in Australia. Our SUP instructors are all ASI certified meaning they meet the international requirements to teach anywhere in the world. Our students are mainly from MOE schools, cooperate bodies, SAF personnel and members of NSRCC. Our “Basic” course lasts for 2 hours where the SUP instructor teaches the students the fundamentals of balancing and paddling on the SUP board. We conduct other courses which are team or family bonding related, snorkelling with SUP, River Safari and Bintan Adventure SUP. A lot of ‘Leisure and Play’ and bonding are added in these packages. 

SUP is still at its infant stage in Singapore; at this stage SUP is still a fun and leisure sports. However we continue to partner with other paddling groups to conduct try outs  and even racing events such as:

 - Sentosa Wave House Group in 2013 and 2014

- NTU Sports for the NTU ‘Surf and Sweat’ events in 2013 and 2016

- East Coast Paddlers in the Blast the Bay East Coast Race in 2016

- Passion Wave Groups in 2017, 2018 & 2019

- Novu SUPer Race in 2017


There are talks now in making SUP an event in regional games (eg SEA Games, Asian Games & Commonwealth Games ) and even in the Olympics. In the meanwhile Constant Wind will continue to markets this sea sports among the schools, cooperate bodies, clubs, associations and the military.