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Since 2011 Constant Wind has conducted more than 1,800 sailing courses for the public. The courses covers our Basic Sailing Syllabus. Some students will proceed to do additional lessons to qualify for level 1 sailing which will be accredited by the Singapore Sailing Federation.


As member of the Singapore Sailing Federation we are active in helping our Federation in promoting sea sports. Every year we utilise our expertise, man power and to reach out to Singapore with the Monsoon Series Events to showcase sailing and windsurfing to the public in places where they can observe the joy that sailing brings to participants. Three series of regattas are organised for the North East Monsoon and another three for the South West Monsoon. Approximately 100 sailors and windsurfers take part in each series. Using our 16foot Bahia sailing dinghies, we organise Singapore Sailing Team racing event every year. This event attracts top team racing participants from all over the island.