Picture yourself blazing through the cerulean blue skies in majestic swoops when the wind easily belts between 10-20 knots, while you are hooked into a harness with a hand-held control bar, leaning your shoulders back only a few feet above the water, and burying the rail of your kite board into the water, kicking up a frenzy of wake that peels off the back of the board into a solid rooster tail of water.


Our Bintan Kite Centre offers lessons for both amateurs and experienced kitesurfers who wish to learn more about the sport. There is also the option of choosing between group lessons, or private one-to-one classes.

Private Lesson Package 6 Hours $550
Group Lesson Package (max. 2 persons) 6 Hours $800
Group Lesson 2 Hours $150/pax
Clinic (after riding on the board in both directions) 1 Hours $80/pax
IKO Assessment (subject to each student’s progress) 1 Hours $100
  • A. Beginner Board B. BIC Cruise Racer
  • *Off-Peak: Monday to Friday
  • *Peak: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
  • All Prices subject to changes

Lesson Venue

Trikora Beach Club
KM40 Desa Teluk Bakau
Bintan-Kepulauan Riau
Indonesia 29153
Tel: +62 823 9222 1234

For booking and more information, please call us at 6445 5108 or email us at

Equipment for Sale

We offer kite equipment for sale as well. To inquire about the kite products that we carry, please call us at 6445 5108 or email us at